Aargh, Army men in space, Army men hier en Army men daar. En nu, Army men World War. Stel je voor dat je al die games moet reviewen. dan gebeurt er dit

"For the love of God, stop making Army Men games!"

PURE frustratie. De arme man van PC.ign is volledig de weg kwijt na de zoveelste release van een Army Men game.Maybe I'm a little jaded. Maybe I've played too many games at this point. Maybe I need to refresh my views on what makes a good video game. Or maybe 3DO just needs to stop making these damn Army Men games. The idea stopped being original years ago along with everything else that is in this game. Nothing here is original and the worst part is that it isn't even cute anymore. The Tan and Green armies are just going at each other in the plastic world and not in our oversized human world. So whatever charm and fun that the game ever claimed to have is totally gone now. All that is left is a way below average squad based strategy game. Where should I begin? The dated graphics? The frustrating interface? The terrible sound? Ugh. Well, in the interest of conserving time and energy, and in honor of an unoriginal and boring game, I'll adopt that tried and true formulaic approach to reviewing and just go through the points step by step. Maar smaken verschillen en wil jij de 12e Army Men game aan je collectie toevoegen . Maar voor alle niet die-hard Army Men gamers is het beter om eerst de review te lezen.