De offical website van de MMORPG City of Heroes is geupdate met enkele nieuwe screenshots. De screens laten zien dat de Cryptic Engine van de game volledig is geoptimaliseerd voor de GeForce 4.

City of Heroes is een MMORGP waarin je een superheld speelt in de grootste stad in Amerika, Paragon City. Door vijanden te verslaan kun je meer roem vergaren waardoor je betere items kunt verkrijgen en uitdagendere missies krijgt.In City of Heroes no good deed goes unrecognized. Every time a player defeats a villain or successfully completes a mission he gains Fame Points. The more points a player earns, the higher he rises in the eyes of the city and his super-heroic peers. Of course failure does have its penalties. Get beat down by a villain or fail a mission you'll find your Fame points slipping away.

There are fifty levels of Fame that range from Unknown to Legendary. As a Hero's fame increases he becomes better known throughout the city. Pedestrians react differently, superhero organizations offer new and more challenging missions, low level villains might run in fear. The player also gains access to more powerful items, new costume options, new base features, and admittance to more dangerous encounter zones. Bekijk de overige screens op de official website.