Bij Gamer's Depot vond men het tijd voor een GeForce 2 round-up, aangezien je tegenwoordig het bos niet meer kan zien door de bomen. In totaal werden er zes kaarten getest, maar geen duidelijke winnaar. Is there really that much of a difference in the GeForce2 cards we tested? If you've read any of the reviews we've done on these cards, the basic specs are all the same. We wanted to find out once and for all if manufacturer and price really make a difference in these cards. All use the same GPU, but the individual components and design are up to the manufacturer. Some manufacturers stick very closely to the nVIDIA reference design, and others change the design and add features to make them stand out from the rest of the pack. You should be able to narrow down the candidates by picking hardware features that matter to youConclusions: Even though we saw a couple of cards in our benchmarks have an advantage in certain artificial situations, the leads they have should not be the sole factor for deciding what card you want to buy. At this point, particular hardware features, utilities included, and manufacturer reputation are really the only thing you can go by, as price is no longer much of a factor with all of these competitors on the market.