De onderhand welbekende Cliff B. heeft zijn .plan over Zero Ping voor UT geupdate Het is maar goed dat UT dit niet ondersteund. Lees het volgende stukje maar:What ZP does is give that judging responsibility to the client. Using the approximate information the client has predicted, the client checks to see if the guy was lined up with your crosshair and tells the server "yep, you hit him". While this might seem great to the camping bastard firing the sniper rifle, it sucks if you're the guy he's firing at. Because you know full well you hid behind the pillar in time, but because the camper doesn't have the latest information on your position, he thought you were in full view. To demonstrate how unfair this is, I'll describe an extreme case of potential ZP exploitation. You see a room full of guys on your screen. You quickly unplug your Ethernet cable. Your client can no longer receive any information from the server, so it keeps predicting these players running in a straight line with the velocity the server last sent you, until they hit a wall. You can then walk up to them at your leisure and blow their heads off with the sniper rifle. Then, quickly plug your network cable back in. Your client will send the message "I killed these five guys" to the server, and the server will believe you. Dat is dus niet eerlijk (wat wel tegenwoordig)

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