Slecht nieuws voor alle Dreamcast bezitters die van plan waren UT assault op hun Dreamcast te spelen. Het feest gaat niet door. De grote maps die bij UT assault gebruikt worden passen niet op de Dreamcast.

En daar sta je dan als trotse Dreamcast bezitter. Het spel moet nog uitkomen en is nu al gestript van een game mode.Dreamcast: Unreal Tournament's highly acclaimed Assault mode will not be included in the Dreamcast version.

The Assault mode in the PC version saw the player's team trying to achieve a number of objectives in a certain amount of time in order to capture a base.

Pete Clark, VP of production at developer Secret Level, told FGN Online, "Unfortunately, we had to take out Assault mode, which bummed me out because it's one of my favorite UT modes. We debated it for a long time because it really is great, but in the end, it wasn't worth the effort. The main problem is that the maps are huge and simply won't fit on Dreamcast without extensive modifications. We got one to fit (I think it was AS-Guardia), but it would be pretty lame to offer only one Assault map. Since we couldn't get them all to fit, we decided to delete it entirely."

Don't worry though, the rest of the game is looking

great and coming along well. "We plan on submitting

the final gold master on Oct. 15, even if it kills us,"

added Clark. "I'm not sure about the release date,

but I know it's somewhere around Thanksgiving."UT zonder assault is als Half-Life zonder Freeman...