Volgens Stomped @ E3 heeft Infogrames Unreal 2 niet op de planning staan op te showen op de E3.

Het enige waar we iets wijzer van kunnen worden is wat nieuwe features die in de nieuwe Unreal engine worden gestopt, deze worden in een apart kamertje voor genodigden gepresenteerd.Stomped @ E3 first reported back in February that Unreal 2 from Epic Games and Legend Entertainment would be shown in a back room demo at E3. However, the final list of games from Infogrames (the publishers of Unreal 2) posted on Gamespot did not have the game on the list. I just got off the phone with Epic Games's Mark Rein and he confirmed that Unreal 2 game content will NOT be shown at E3 this year after all. "It's more than a year away," Rein said on the release of Unreal 2, "so there is no need to show it yet."

Rein did say that some new technologies Epic is developing for the Unreal engine that will be used in Unreal 2 will be shown in a back room demo. Also, the Playstation 2 version of Unreal Tournament will be in full display at E3, which will show off the multiplayer gameplay of the PS2 port.