CPL, de bond voor cyberatleten, verhoogd de leeftijdsgrens voor deelname aan toernooien van 15 naar 17. Jammer voor alle kiddo's maar het idee van "geweld is slecht voor kinderen" vindt ook gehoor bij de CPL.

Gelukkig kunnen alle jongeren dadelijk wel meedoen aan toernooien die geen leeftijdsgrens hebben

iemand zin in een potje memory ? While on the subject of younger people and videogames, the CPL has just announced that starting in 2001 you must be 17yrs old to compete in their tournaments. (Currently its 15).

The CPL announced that commencing on January 1, 2001, all competitors of CPL tournaments that feature ESRB Mature (M) rated games, must be at least 17 years of age.

...the CPL will not allow anyone under the age of 17 to enter an M-rated game tournament, and will require that a verifiable proof-of-age document (i.e. driver's license, birth certificate, etc.) is presented upon check-in.

The CPL also announced that it will launch wide-scale tournaments featuring games with a more general rating, therefore allowing all family members over the age of six participation in the CPL world-class tournaments and events.

That last part = $1million pokemon adventure tournament in 2002!. Lastly, while on the topic of tournaments, The Euro Championships have concluded with Russia defeating Sweden. You can read some coverage here, and see the demos here.

2 jaar verschil, wel een beetje gemiereneuk als je het mij vraagt

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