Games zijn een makkelijk doelwit voor alle "red de wereld en onze kinderen" politici. Zo ook in Maleisie waar ene minister het tijd vond dat Arcade hallen met, of zonder gokmogelijkheden gesloten moeten worden.Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, home minister, said Oct. 4 that all arcades must close in two months, citing battles against addiction and gambling as the reasons. The media there has highlighted police raids on unlicensed game centers and the seizure and smashing of video gambling machines, but the ban covers even licensed arcades with no gambling facilities. Owners of centers which house the arcades will meet to consider appealing for an easing of the ban.

Malaysian Cop: What are you doing!

Kid: Er, playing a non-addictive video game...

MC: There's no such thing, liar! Next thing you know you'll be killing people and robbing stores to support your habit!

Kid: It's just a game...

MC: Let loose the dogs on him!

Let this serve as a fair warning to all kids and adults alike enjoying a good game of whatever. In fact, let's ban soccer and basketball as well! Have you seen all those lunatics shouting and cheering for their teams?! Damn junkies! And those women flooding the malls in insane shopping sprees! What do you call that?! Damn junkie-women-shoppers! Let's ban the whole damn world! This whole world is addictive! Why else would the people choose to live in it every day?! Maleisie, het land voor alle tere kinderzielen.