In tegenstelling tot wat wij gisteren meldden (incl. tientallen andere site's), blijkt nu dat de IRC-Chat die gehouden was met NOTH1NG en Gooseman FAKE was!

Counter-strike DK, die melding maakte van het grote CounterStrike 2 nieuws meldt nu zelf dat het fake was en bied haar excuses dan ook daarvoor aan.Statement from regarding the NOTH1NG and Gooseman interview We have posted two interviews at our page the last two days done at our IRC channel. These are as sadly as it might be fake! There were some nice information in those interviews and we all (those of us who were present at the time they were made) had no doubt in that these persons were for real. We would like to apologize to the entire counter-strike community and the team which we admire so much. This was not intended in no way and was NOT done by us in any way just to make us popular or something. Those of you who have visited our page know that we are a serious page and the interviews we have made before are real. This might result in that all the interviews we make in the future will be done by mail to minimize anything like this. We apologize once again to everyone.Het was misschien ook te mooi om waar te zijn