Ben jij meer gewend aan de PS2 controller dan de GameCube controller? Dan heeft May Flash de oplossing: the Cube JoyBox

Voor 18 dollar krijg je een speciaal apparaatje die je tussen je controller en de Gamecube moet aansluiten. We tested out the little box of joy and were very impressed with it. Specifically we were amazed by the PS2 Dual Shock compatibility. Even the rumble motors spun to action at the correct times. What about the digital click function unique to Nintendo's official GameCube controller? Because the PS2 Dual Shock also has analog triggers you can make a distinction between the two levels of sensitivity to accurately use the digital click. In particular we tested out Rogue Leader with the Cube JoyBox and it was surprisingly compatible. In Rogue Leader you can get a speed boost by fully depressing GameCube's R-trigger. Using the PS2 controller you could accelerate by holding in R1 lightly and get the speed boost by pressing it firmly.

IGN is zeer tevreden over de Cube JoyBox, zelfs de Dual shock werkt prima. Lees hier het hele artikel. Met dank aan voor het melden.