Gearhead Garage doet me denken aan die oude games op de pc, wat was het ook alweer ? street rod ofsow ? jah, zo iets moet het geweest zijn, kick-ass-build-ya-own-car-game "Snap-on Gearhead Garage" is a unique video game where you repair and customize late model cars and trucks. Working from a virtual garage, you use power tools to restore your vehicles to top condition. (Sounds weird, but it's surprisingly fun!) This is a LIMITED PLAYABLE DEMO of Gearhead Garage. The full version has the following features which are NOT available in the demo: - Many more cars! - Decal features that let you apply colorful decals anywhere on your cars - An unlimited number of customer jobs - A junkyard where you can hunt for bargains on scrapped parts! - A snapshot feature that allows you to print and e-mail pictures of your virtual cars System Requirements: P-166, Win95/98, 32MB of RAM, 30MB of free hard drive space and Direct X.anyway, neerhalen doe je hier (11.3mb)