Floris van Eck, onder andere bekend van SonyDome en XDome heeft een nieuwe website gelanceerd, GBADome. Op deze site kan je al het nieuws van de Gameboy Advance vinden.11 October 2001

GBADOME is the first Game Boy Advance site in the world. We'll guarantee 24/7 coverage of everything that has something to do with the Game Boy Advance and it's games. You can check the site for the most up-to-date GBA news, previews on the latest GBA games, features on what we can expect in the future.

We're working on the site for a while because we felt there wasn't a real GBA website on the net. Every next-generation console has tons of sites about it, but we couldn't find one dedicated to the GBA. That's why we decided to make one ourselves. And we must say the result looks pretty good.

Now check out the site for yourself and enjoy….


Floris van Eck



floris@ecknology.orgDe moeite van een bezoekje waard zou ik zeggen.