Garage Games is een nieuw bedrijf op de softwaremarkt. Garage Games wil onafhankelijke en meestal jonge ontwikkelaars van games de mogelijkheid geven om hun dromen te verwezenlijken. Dit wil men bereiken door kennis en tools te leveren. Bij Pc Gameworld wou men wat meer weten over dit vernieuwend bedrijf en hun "missie". Daarom heeft men met Jeff Tunnell een gesprek gehad.PCGW: GarageGames... It seems as if you want to bring back an era of independent game makers working long hours in their garage. A noble quest, but what does that say about big companies? Do you feel big companies have "Gone Hollywood" as in they aim at the mass market, take very little risks?

JT: Garagegames is not a indictment against large publishers. Creating games is always difficult, whether at a large company or a small company. However, the risk taking is at different levels. Risk at a large company involves bringing together proven teams and turning them loose on products that have a large probability of selling well. Since a small company does not have the ability to field a large budget, it needs to take creative design risks. It is true that smaller, more creative products can sometimes get lost in the shuffle at a large publisher, and they may not be given the exposure they need to succeed. That is where Garagegames comes in. We will encourage developers to take the creative risk, give them the tools to make those games, then get them attention.

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