Een titel waar ik zeker naar uit kijk, is Gangsters 2. Daily Radar schreef er een preview van en laat ons uitkijken naar Januari 2001...

Zoals je zelf kan zien op het screenshot is dat de graphics niet echt veranderd zijn. Wel gedetailleerder en volgens mij ook van dichterbij. Maar dat kan aan mij liggen .Stapleton explained, "The muscle in the game pretty much act like the red-clad security guys in Star Trek; you know, the guys that get beamed down with Kirk and Spock basically to act as cannon fodder in the event of any trouble. Muscle are employed through various establishments in the city, such as Labor Exchanges, pool halls and gyms. Once they are part of your 'Family' they can be assigned to a Lieutenant. Each Lieutenant can control up to four 'muscle.' Once these guys have been assigned they pretty much act as a human shield for their Lieutenant, going into battle with other gang members."

Looking after these characters will pay off as Bane progresses through the story. Using the family tree function, experienced specialists can be moved throughout Temperance from scenario to scenario. The further into the story Bane moves, the more important these characters become, as our hero faces tougher and more intelligent opposition.

All this points to an exciting prospect if Hothouse can live up to its promises. Tipped off for a January 2001 release, we can't wait to get our spats on and teach some two-bit punks what being a gangster is all about

Capone is back in town Januari 2001.