Geen Rock of Rap Superstar maar Gaming Superstar (sorry Cypress Hill fans ). Wie zijn nu de sterren van het Game domein. Volgens Actiontrip zijn er maar 3 figuren die in aanmerking komen. Maar alleen de winnaar wordt besproken.

en wie dat is ?

dat weet je wel

"It's time to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and i'm all out of gum"For example, let's examine Duke's physical appearance… He's a blond-haired male, with buffed physique and a slightly torn tight t-shirt; oh yeah, and he's loaded with nasty guns too. He's never seen without his sunglasses, and he never, ever, not for a second losses his composure. He's not afraid of monsters, he isn't afraid to kill, and he certainly isn't afraid to slap a few butts in an XXX establishment… You could say that Duke's pretty much an ideal image of a fictive class of male "mucho kick-ass dudes". He's got strength, speed, spunk, sugar, and he doesn't give a shit! He's something of a sharp-tongued human version of a pit-bull, and he's out to save the world. Everything about Duke is over exaggerated, and if they ever make a porn movie based on his character, I think he'll screw some poor girl to death just to keep up the image of a "super-super hero guy who doesn't care, because he's so cool". De Duke is de King van de games, ja en de King of Music is Elvis

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