Zeker met de Tweede Fase krijgen steeds meer middelbare scholen computers in de klaslokalen. En met de opkomende 'e-generation' van gamers & hackers die die computers natuurlijk een stuk leuker vinden dan de les die eigenlijk aan de gang is, wordt het een moeilijke zaak voor de scholen om de leerlingen van die PCs af te houden. Mr. Kenickie schreef er een entertainend stukje over:Schools across the nation have been dying to get "computers in the classroom" for the past six or seven years. By placing computers all across the school, the administration can rest easy knowing that their school is "up to date" and their students, just because of the mere presence of computers, will become better educated. However, when they soon realized that Microsoft Word and Calculator weren't the only programs that could be installed on computers, they became worried that their new investment would become expensive Nintendo machines. Plus, Nintendo is the spawn of Satan, and is obviously corrupting our youth and making them progressively more and more stupid. Needless to say, administrations did not like this.

[...]According to Mr. Merril, C++ teacher over at Brick Memorial, the problem isn't so much that they don't want their students to have any fun, they just don't want to open up their system to any possible security issues related to giving students free reign on the networks. "How do we know that CD marked Diablo actually contains Diablo and not some Trojan virus?" he said. "Since that is our main concern, I allow my students to play games when they're done with their projects in my classroom--the administration doesn't trust C++ students enough to even place them on the network, so each computer is a stand-alone. Heck, I even get into watching a good game of Starcraft now and then."