Tresh's firingsquad heeft een review van 3Com's internet gaming modem, lees het hier. De conclusie is dat het een goede modem is, maar je ping wordt er niet veel lager door.

stukje uit de review:For those that aren't lucky enough to live within a high bandwidth service area, the regular analog modem is the only link to the internet. Granted, online gaming is much more enjoyable over a high bandwidth connection, but playing over a modem can still be very fun as long as you have a decent ping. When 3Com first announced their Internet Gaming Modem a little over a month ago, we received a good number of review requests from readers. The 3Com press release was very interesting, and one claim in particular caught our attention: "Henderson Communications Laboratories, an independent testing lab, concluded that the 3Com Internet Gaming modem achieved up to 43 percent faster weighted average ping times than five other competitor modems."