Avault nam het 'professioneel gamen' eens onder de loep en vergeleek dit met de Baseballsport van zo'n 100 jaar geleden. Is gamen als 'living' een trend of mogen we hier in de toekomst meer van verwachten.

Organisaties als CPL hebben pogingen gedaan om bovenstaande te bereiken, maar het is nog even afwachten wanneer dit echt door zal breken.

Avault schreef erover...Sporting activities, as we know them today, were really only created in the middle part of the 19th century. Entertainment that involves physical activity goes farther back, of course, both Elizabethan English and American Iroquois were playing ball games before the Mayflower ever landed. But these activities, what the historians call "premodern sport," were generally different from what we understand sport to be today in that they almost never involved competition between equals, or set rules. "Contests were mostly spontaneous," writes historian Melvin Adelman, "the participants underwent limited, if any training, the events derived largely from daily work activities and they rarely received social sanction." The idea of everyday people having a club dedicated to an economically useless activity, watching a sport as a spectator, or, horrors, making a living just as a player, were almost completely unheard of before America's Industrial Revolution. As late as 1820, religious and social leaders frowned on any such time-wasting activity, fearing it led to gambling or brawling: even as serene a game as cricket was called by a leading New York paper "one of the brightest of the primrose paths to the everlasting bonfire." Play ball, in other words, and you'll go to Hell. Het is dus geen brandweer- of politieman worden, maar 'professional gamer'.