FatBabies heeft het gerucht opgevangen dat er wat probleempjes zouden bij Gamespy. Na de recentelijke aankoop van Mplayer.com heeft Gamespy het bedrijf opgeruimd, maar dit schijnt niet genoeg te zijn.

Gamespy is van plan Mplayer.com op te heffen en het personeel samen met enkele mensen van Gamespy zelf te ontslaan.Gamespy recently purchased Mplayer.com and upon doing so cleaned house there, laying off a sizeable chunk of staff. Apparently that wasn't enough savings, as the axe is grinding once again to chop some fat from the bloated carcus that is Gamespy Industries.

Xtremenetwork and all its affiliate sites are closing down, with the only site ported over to Gamespy being Quake3world.com. This is pissing off a number of other companies such as Fox Interactive and id Software since Gamespy is not releasing the use of domain names to the companies involved. (In Fox Interactive's case sites like nolfnews.com, avpnews.com, etc.)

In addition, layoffs of the remaining Mplayer staff are planned for this week. All contractors still hanging on will be chopped as well. As a result of this layoff, Mplayer.com will be shutting down.

But nobody is safe, as there are also plans to let some of the main Gamespy Industries staff go.

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