De GameSpy mensen zijn weer druk geweest en hebben zodoende een nieuwe versie van Gamespy er uit weten te persen... In deze nieuwe versie is er support gekomen voor meer games en zijn er weer meer features bij gekomen. Version 2.22 adds support for nine new games:

- KISS: Psycho Circus

- Sanity

- Terminus

- Buckmasters Deer Hunting

- Rocky Mountain Trophy Hunter 3

- High Impact Paintball

- LaserArena

- RallyMasters

- Birdhunter: Wild Wings Edition

New Features:

- In our never ending quest to supply the power gamer with the tools they demand, we've added Roger Wilco Support! Roger Wilco is a free real time voice chat system that allows you to talk to (or scream at) your friends and foes while you play. Server admins should check out the GameSpy 3D help topics to see how to assign a channel to have players join automatically.

- ICQ Integration! At last we can bring you this much requested feature. Enhanced in this version to incude even more options.

- Faster updates! Using compression technology GameSpy Network sources now take 60% less time to update. Power to the gamers!

Hier kun je GameSpy downloaden.