2 grote gameshops (Sears and Wards) in Amerika hebben besloten geen M rated games meer te verkopen. Het besluit volgt nadat er was geprobeerd om de verkoop van M rated spellen onder de 17 te verbieden. Ward heeft hierop besloten om helemaal geen M rated spellen meer te verkopen. Concurrent Sears volgt dit besluit. As the gaming industry gathered at E3 in Los Angeles, a pair of major retail chains announced plans to halt all sales of M-rated video games nationwide. Montgomery Ward announced its decision in a brief letter to Illinois attorney general Jim Ryan, and competitor Sears followed suit. Ryan had urged retailers to halt the sale of M-rated video games to Illinois customers under the age of 17, but in the letter to Ryan, Charles Knittle, Ward's vice-president for governmental affairs and corporate communications, said Ward was eliminating all sales of the items. "The ban will be throughout our chain," Knittle said. "We made our decision based on the fact that this category of games was not in line with our objectives as a retailer." Wards has stores in 32 states, including 18 in Illinois. Tom Nicholson, director of public relations for Sears, said M-rated items made up about 5 percent of the games at Sears' 860 stores. "As of today, we are canceling orders for more M-rated video games, and we will be selling out our small inventory," Nicholson said. "Then we will no longer sell them.” The "M" rating, for "mature," is affixed at the hand of the ESRB to games the industry group deems too violent for people under the age of 17, but there are no legal prohibitions against the sale of such games to younger people.