Laatst kon je al lezen dat DVD doosjes de traditionele kartonnen dozen gaan vervangen. Sommige uitgevers zijn al op DVD doosjes overgestapt. Yahoo komt nu met het bericht dat Infogrames aan het kijken is of het VHS formaat misschien een oplossing is.In a test to elicit both retail and consumer response, Infogrames Inc. has announced that The WizardWorks Group, its leading casual gaming software division, has begun testing a reduced package size for its lineup of personal computer software. ``Deer Hunter 4,'' the franchise property that gave birth to an entire category of hunting simulations, will be the first product under the test.

``As an industry leader, we are always seeking to refine and improve our services,'' said Wim Stocks, senior vice president of sales for Infogrames Inc. ``Should this

test prove positive with our retailers and consumers, the new size will enable us to realize significant time and cost of goods savings, in addition to environmental

benefits due to reduced material requirements.''

Additionally, the new box design, approximately the size of a standard VHS movie box, may afford retailers greater flexibility with in-store merchandising programs, as it allows them to optimize shelf space and return on investment.

Maar die kartonnen dozen geven juist een meerwaarde aan een spel vind ik. Ik hou van dozen

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