Op Q3 center staat een artikel over het verband tussen computergames en toenemend geweld in de (amerikaanse) maatschappij.

Ik persoonlijk vind het onzin om te denken dat de wereld geweldadiger wordt door computergames, maar wie is ik.... Je kan het artikel hier vinden.During the 1970's and 1980's we didn't see such acts as these done by the kids today. They had guns then, and they had bombs then, but they didn't have games such as these we have today, and I feel thats the main reason of all these shootings in schools. I'm not singling in on anyone at idsoftware, but what goes through the heads of the people who create these games? Why would they even think of games that kill people? Are they purposely trying to send messages of hate to our youth? Some students can't even go to their own damn school because they are in fear of being shot up by some kid who maybe wants to immitate some game they played on the net. Schools should be the safest place in the whole fucking world for our kids, but now thanks to games like this we have to put up video cameras, armed security officers, and such things to protect teenagers and kids from being shot up by their own fellow classmates.