Hier een leuk tekstje over de nog te komen games zoals diablo 2, duke nukem 4 everBlizzard releases Diablo 2 in late March and the "May 19th phenomenon" is revisted as offices and classrooms sit empty all across North America. UPS struggles to cope with the shear volume of pre-orders and some shipments are delayed. As a result, reports of hazings committed against brown-uniformed individuals spike for the month. By the end of April the game has sold over a million copies. The United States' second quarter GDP falls by 50% as productivity reaches an all time low. The release of Diablo 2 coincides with id's third Point Release for Quake 3 Arena which actually introduces interesting multiplayer modes. A week later, two Internet backbones suffer catastrophic collapses as Internet traffic surges to record levels. In somewhat related news, the week-long disruption of Internet services saves Amazon.com $40 million in operating losses. En ook dat er een tombraider 5 uit komt

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