We hadden vorige week tijdens de Mafia featureweek al een interview met een bekende Mafiosi, maar er zijn meer mensen ondervraagd met betrekking tot Illusion Softworks' topper. Erwin interviewde Daniel Vavra, project leider en script ontwerper van Mafia. Gamers.nl: Can you explain a bit about why Mafia was delayed so much? Did you have to leave out features you wanted to implement? Daniel Vavra: Mafia was delayed so much because it is a very big project. There are so many features, that it's really hard to make it in short time. We did not drop anything important except multiplayer. We also did lot of language versions and very complex bug testing. Its really big thing so it is much harder to develop than usual 1st person shooters. Mafia was developed in three and a half years and at least one year was lost because we had to switch to a different engine, so at overall I don't think that it was really so long time. Maybe it was just announced too early. Zo kom je te weten waarom het spel in third person is, wat de gameplay speciaal maakt en of je het spel met Grand Theft Auto III kunt vergelijken. Je leest het allemaal in het Illusion Softworks interview.