Is gamen sport. Als je het aan mij vraagt zeg ik ja. Er gaat een hoop training in zitten en het vereist echt skills om "goed" in een game te zijn. Net als met sport het geval is. Telefragged bekeek deze stelling aan de hand van Quake3.Can a Computer Game Be a Sport?

I've had a lot of conversations with fellow gamers about this concept of "sport". I've always looked at it with a mixed opinion. For example, do you really refer to chess as a sport? Sure, it's a thinking game, but is it a sport? And what about how the dictionary defines sport, "An activity involving physical exertion and skill that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often undertaken competitively." If we stick to the strictest dictionary terms, I'm sure we can't call Quake 3 (or any computer game, really) a sport. However, in this age of technology... as we move from the physical to the virtual... is it time for us to revise our terms? To adjust the strict meaning of sport to consider those who labor at computer games?

Jonathan Sooter, an avid gamer and spectator, pointed out that every major sport in simplest terms sounds easy and even stupid. He reduced sports such as Basketball and Tennis to "two teams throwing balls in holes" and "real life PONG." When you look at sports in such basic terms, you can imagine that anyone should be able to succeed at them. And yet any sport takes skill, coordination and dedication. Quake 3 takes no less skill, coordination and dedication to excel. There are obviously facets of computer gaming that lean towards the definition of sport.

Wow, ik heb daarnet nog real life PONG gespeeld

Bestaan Cyber atleten?, dat is de stelling