Het is een zeer trieste dag, het gaming network GameGlobe is gestopt met webhosting en news. Het is misschien een klein netwerk maar daar gaat het niet om. Misschien schieten gaming websites als paddestoelen uit de grond, de kleinere leiden er allemaal erg aan en sterven dus.

Merlin heeft de taak op zich moeten nemen om afscheid te nemen voor de hele crew. Hier zijn laatste bericht.Regretfully, the GameGlow Network is shutting down general hosting operations in the very near future, but due to legal considerations, we can not disclose the reasons. ZFalcon, the owner of GameGlow Network has asked me to pass along his regrets as well as my own, but I should also mention that circumstances not under his control are largely responsible for this outcome. I, Merlin, no longer work for GameGlow and am not privy to any details aside from the fact that general hosting is going to end soon.

On a personal note, I have very much enjoyed my time with GG, and am very excited about my opportunities from here. I've learned so much and met so many great webpals that I wouldn't have missed it for the world, and if I were given the chance the choose again I would do everything the same. Well, maybe a couple business contacts would have been different, but hindsight is always crystal clear.

I have also learned that working for someone else's business can be fine, but to really control your own destiny having your own business is the key. There are awesome internet opportunities that can build a long-term home-based Internet success story and I am excited about pursuing these. Gaming and webdesign will also remain a part of my daily bread, I am looking forward to playing more Age games most of all. Dit waren de laatste woorden van de GameGlobe. De wereld is hard. Niet alleen de echte wereld maar ook de online wereld blijkt wel weer.

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