Op Gamecenter hebben ze een flink artikel geschreven waarin ze de winnaars Game Awards van 1999 bekend maken. Het beste PC spel was volgens hun System Shock 2 van Looking Glass Studios en Irrational Games.

Anders kanshebbers waren Unreal Tournament en Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri.Hieronder een stukkie waarom System Shock 2 gewonnen heeft.Like the original, System Shock 2 defies easy classification: Is it an action game with role-playing elements, or a role-playing game with action elements? Is it horror or science fiction? In the end, it really doesn't matter because System Shock 2 transcends its individual parts and creates a gaming experience that is nearly impossible to describe. Wandering through the decimated starship Von Braun, players are forced to witness unspeakable horrors, decipher bits and pieces of the game's story through audio logs, and battle the alien force known as The Many. And all the while, the malevolent computer entity SHODAN watches from the shadows, waiting to make her move. It's an exhilarating, horrifying, and frustrating gaming experience specifically because System Shock 2 refuses to be tied down to one genre. Oh sure, we may call it an action game, but the heavy role-playing elements, such the ability to learn new skills and powers, take the game to a level that most action games, even the mighty Half-Life, never reach. The unfolding story is paced perfectly, weapons are hard to come by, and your wits are more important than the ability to lob rockets. System Shock 2 is like a meticulously crafted jigsaw puzzle that slowly pieces itself together; every piece counts and nothing is wasted. The graphics, sound, awesome enemy AI, story, and level design are all geared toward creating a singular and horrifying gameplay experience. And boy, does this game succeed. In the end, only one classification really applies to System Shock 2: Game of the Year for 1999. Het hele artikel kan je hier vinden.