Reviews kunnen een game maken of breken. Bladen en Sites met veel lezers kunnen hun publiek makkelijk manipuleren met een slechte of goede review.

Het is daarom ook mooi dat Actiontrip genoeg zelfspot heeft om hier een artikel over te schrijven.

In mijn opinie zeggen cijfers niets. Game Reviewer: Well, I spilled some coffee while I was playing it, and I got the nastiest paper cut when I tried to pick the CD cover off the floor with my toes. Damn stupid game! I kinda got even more pissed when I found out I couldn't spend the night with my boyfriend 'cause of the fucking review deadline!

That's what you get when a few people act as Messiahs and start to think their purpose is to form the opinion of the masses. For the most part, the success of the games intended for the hardcore crowd and targeted at the segment of the gaming community that spends more time talking smack in forums than playing games depends on a couple of reviewers' thoughts on them. One reviewer lays smack, other reviewer reads the review … consciously or subconsciously develops a prejudice, and then writes his 'objective' opinion.

The average reviewers' standards have gone sky-high nowadays. His IQ stayed the same though. Pretty levels and decent gameplay won't do the trick! He'll even characterize decent games as total flops! And I emphasize again, who's to say that the bad score had nothing to do with the fact that a reviewer got pissed at something or somebody which/who should be totally irrelevant to the game score?

Before you know it, the game is characterized as a flop… and sells like suntan lotion in December.

I guess my question is: what do game developers think of the game reviewers? I would like them to be honest for once….

Licht sarcastisch maar wel met een kern van waarheid.