Handig voor tijdens het gamen, nu hoef je niet te stoppen met gamen als je vast zit, maar zoek je het gewoon ff op je palmtop op!Getting a Game Guide from GameSpot has always been easy and simple but alt+tabbing from your running game to find out how to finish a level can sometimes kill your game completely. Luckily, if you own a 3Com Palm computing device or a Microsoft Windows CE-based handheld computer, you now have an alternative. Game Guides has signed a deal with Peanutpress.com to offer several strategy guides to readers in digital format for Palm and Windows CE devices. The process is simple: Download the platform-specific Peanut reader software, purchase a guide, install both on your device, turn on your game, and use your handheld strategy guide without the fear of wasting your game. Two to four titles will be added to Peanutpress.com each month. Alleen hoeveel gamers zullen zo een ding nou hebben?