Neemt Microsoft echt de hele soft-wereld over? Het lijkt van wel. Van het simpele MS-DOS naar windows, naar internet, hardware en tegenwoordig zijn ze ook al een formidabele speler in de games industrie. De grote vraag komt eigenlijk neer op wordt de XBox wel het grote succes wat Microsoft ervan verwacht? 500 miljoen dollar aan reklame lijkt te zeggen van wel. Only time will tell.Considering the success Microsoft has had in dominating the desktop computer industry, the internet set-top box market, and the web browser terrain, it's not unthinkable that Microsoft could take over the gaming industry. Adding their growing publishing company and their hotly anticipated console to their top gaming OS might make it seem as inevitable as record setting low ratings for The Ainsley Harriott Show, but it doesn't seem likely to me. And I don't even think Microsoft plans on trying. First of all, the game publishing business is not a business that can be particularly "taken over". People simply play too many different games for a single company to attempt to sell them all under their. It's just an impossible thing to do, and Microsoft realizes this. Microsoft's greatest chance would lie in controlling games as they have on the PC - controlling the platform. But looking at the console world, this doesn't look like an easy task. Console gamers can be won over by a hip new console, but fans of Sony, Sega and Nintendo have quite a bit of loyalty built up to their pet company. If you're so inclined to look around the forums at, say, N64planet, you'll find some pretty rabid fans. Here's an excerpt from a post by a fellow named "N Facts". The following is unedited... Gaystastion sucks and you now it!!! Have you head that Fony is rushing (ps2)plastaion SUCKS 2! and that no one wants to develop games for the system because its hard to develop and costly! and that the dolphin use DVD as games for better graghics and sound. so people like to develop games for it becase they know the dolphin kicks ps2 and sega and x-box ASS!!!!!! [...]Although nobody can be sure, my guess would be that Microsoft's main goal will be to make lots and lots of money, and they'll be quite successful. Between Sony's large market holdings and the potential volatility of the console industry (witness the falls of Sega and Nintendo), not to mention the DOJ's constant overseeing eye, it's unlikely that Microsoft will make a run at being the undisputed King of the Gaming World. However, their Games Division will sell a load of titles and the X-Box will, almost certainly, be a success. And if there's one thing Microsoft has proven to be good at, it's making lots and lots of money.