Fullon3D heeft een praatje met Cinematix's Rex Dickson over revenant :pbrain : I don't want to give away any spoilers, but I have to say that the end was kinda disappointing. Why? Because it ended dammit! I wasn't prepared to stop playing Revenant. Where do we go from there? How have you guaged the community's feedback? Should we start seeing a plethora (todd's word) of user created modules? How does Cinimatix feel about Revenant expansion? Is it something you and Eidos are considering? Rex : The ending has come under a lot of fire. I think it is pretty obvious that we wrote that ending to set up a sequel. There was supposed to be a lot more involved in the ending sequence, but time issues forced us to edit it down. We wanted at least 30 hours of gameplay in Revenant and I think we came close. The only thing that got in the way of that was that the game balance could have used more time. That is a mistake we have learned from and will not make again. We would love to see the gaming community embrace the editor. In fact, nothing would please us more. We are working as hard as possible on tutorials and patches to support the editor and ensure that Revenant never runs out of replay value. Hopefully, if we get it documented and working 100%, the mods will start pouring in. Our fingers are crossed. We are currently working on patches to fix the various bugs as well as trying to get multiplayer co-op play in the game. As for expansion packs and sequels, that is all up to Eidos.