Redwood van Stomped heeft zijn hele verjaardag moeten missen om voor jullie een review online te krijgen van de volledige Quake 3! Kewl! It's finally upon us, the day Quake III Arena starts hitting store shelves. I've spent many hours playing the final build of Quake 3 Arena and here are my thoughts on the finished product for which we've all been waiting. For this game, we don't really need a story, however id decided to provide us with one just for grins. I don't think we need one for a deathmatch style game but that must just be me. Anway, we all know id is going for the ideal deathmatch game. They are taking the best of the past, blending in a bit of new stuff to try and put smiles on the faces of old schoolers and newbies alike. Have they succeeded? Let's find out.Let's find out... ofwel lees de rest hier