De mannen van The Adrenaline Vault hebben hun review van Freespace 2 gedumpt. Check de hele review hier, met natuurlijk wat meer piccies!Freespace 2 begins with an alliance of humans and Vasudans attempting to rebuild their armies 32 years after the Great War had ended. With political unrest dominating the culture and civil war underway, the Alliance forces have been cut off from Earth for over thirty years. The last battle of Great War destroyed the only means of travel back to Earth. The first mission in Freespace 2 plays out the story of a rebel force of humans, known as the NTF, vowing to end the Alliance with the Vasudans and cleanse the human race of its contamination once and for all. Having said that Freespace 2 boats some incredible graphics and that the interface is powerful and extremely customizable, the truth is that without good mission design and above average artificial intelligence, any space combat game is doomed to fail. In truth, Freespace 2 would have still done fairly well had it only improved its graphics and interface capabilities, but Volition did not rest on their laurels, and not only does Freespace 2 exhibit better, but not outstanding, artificial intelligence than its older brother, its mission designs are ten times superior than before. All of the missions have plausible objectives and the events that transpire are compelling. Storyline elements and its variables play a key role in gameplay, and I really liked the way Volition introduced them during missions. Still Freespace 2 is a fine game and one of the best space combat titles of the year. It's even got a fabulous multiplayer option that includes support for eight players. Volition has done a nice job of expanding the Descent line, so much so that the Freespace line is now its own entity and completely removed from its heritage. It's a strong property for Volition and is destined to become even stronger, especially if they continue to produce high quality titles like this one.