Gisteren meldden we nog dat Freelancer waarschijnlijk niet uit zou komen na het vertrek van Chris Robert bij Digital Anvil. Dit zou ook mede komen door de overname van Microsoft op Digital Anvil. Het tegendeel is vandaag gewezen: Microsoft zal gaan helpen aan het afmaken van Freelancer, evenals Chris Roberts!Microsoft announced this morning that they have reached a preliminary agreement to purchase Digital Anvil Studios, as part of that deal its CEO and Founder Chris Roberts would leave the company to pursue other endeavors (as per those rumors of him leaving yesterday). The good news is that Chris will continue stay with DA and finish up Freelancer as a creative consultant.

"This acquisition is a positive growth opportunity for Digital Anvil," Roberts said. "Under the Microsoft umbrella, 'FreeLancer' and other games will be supported by a strong infrastructure and realized in the spirit in which they were conceived."

"The acquisition of Digital Anvil will strengthen our commitment to producing top-quality PC and Xbox titles," said Ed Fries, vice president of games publishing at Microsoft. "'FreeLancer' is a true expression of Digital Anvil's innovative spirit. By combining our internal resources with the Digital Anvil team's development talent, we will ensure the realization of their creative visions." De mooie wijze woorden van Microsoft maken toch weer wat emoties los *snik*

Dit bericht werd mede mogelijk gemaakt door Tntkiller