The Adrenaline Vault heeft een E3 update geplaatst met zeer veel (nieuwe) informatie van het veelbelovende spel FreeLancer.Adventure, intrigue and gratuitous opportunity in an epic and fascinating science-fiction universe. What more could a gamer want? This is no dispirited wish list, however, it is FreeLancer, a space combat simulation coming from Digital Anvil in Quarter 2 2001. Premiered to great accolades at the last E3, FreeLancer combines immersive space transportation with real-time character interaction to give people complete control over buying and selling commodities, accepting missions for hire and customizing spaceships. Although the game's creators were tight-lipped leading up to the show, new information and screenshots are at last beginning to emerge. FreeLancer's story is a yarn that could come from no one but the creators of Wing Commander and Privateer. It is the dawn of the Thirtieth Century. The First Solar War has ended and the Four Houses of Humanity rule charted space. Earth and the inhabitable worlds of its solar system are distant memories, mute reminders of man's appetite for destruction. Along with the coming of the Age of Conquest, humanity has begun to focus its efforts toward expansion into the frontier worlds. Wild and unexplored, the frontier worlds ring the boundaries of civilized space. Klik hier voor meer informatie.