Voodooe Extreme heeft 4 nieuwe screenshots ontvangen van Irrational Games Freedom Force. In de RPG Freedom Force mag je de criminaliteit gaan bestrijden met een team van superhelden genaamd Freedom Force .Brought to you by the creators of System Shock 2, Freedom Force will feature:

- A sophisticated tactical RPG system with the over-the-top action of a superhero slugfest!

- Customizable heroes

- Create your own powers and abilities

- Destructible environments

- Richly-detailed 3D environments modeled on real New York locations (and some more mysterious, but not-so-real places…)

- A powerful multiplayer mode

- Over 25 unique heroes and villains, all with their own unique voices and personalities

- Support for user-created scenarios, characters and modifications Je kan nog een paar Superheroes vinden bij Voodoo Extreme