SuRReAL schrijft: "Een RPG met superhelden ! Je kan je eigen superheld maken, en dan duik je de RPG-wereld in.... Dit lijkt me nou een erg leuk spel!"As I'm a designer on Freedom Force, I figured I'd briefly touch on the superpowers system that we are implementing. Many people have asked the question, "Can we create our own superheroes?" The answer is, "Yes, you can." We have come up with a very powerful way of creating your very own superheroes (or even villains). I'm going to focus solely on the multiplayer aspect of creating your own superheroes because if I tried to cover both the single- and multiplayer aspects at the same time, well, it'd get very confusing. To get a good idea of the character-creation process for multiplay, you really need to examine what goes into making a character. Firstly, everything that you give your characters has a point cost associated with it. Want to make a character like Superman? Well, that invincibility thing he has is going to be damn expensive. When you create a team of supercharacters to take onto the battlefield in multiplay, the cost of each character on the team is added together to get the total point cost for that team. The creator of a multiplayer game determines what the maximum point cost per team the multiplayer game is going to allow, thereby restricting the types of characters in the game (it's a really nice way to balance it out).

Doet me denken aan een "pen & paper-RPG" die ik vroeger speelde... Weet niet meer hoe het heet, maar dat was zeker lachen !

Als dit nou in de buurt komt hebben we misschien wel een nieuw toppertje !

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