Blood 2 mission pack word een gratis add-on zo melde VoodooExtremeAlthough this mission pack has not been completely cancelled, it has been dropped by it's publisher. "The deal with our publishers fell through, therefore Revelations will not be a retail product." Peter Hopkins from Tequila Software told us. Originally Tequila Software was hesitant about releasing the add-on as freeware, "Tequila Software has decided Revelations will now remain unreleased, we are not willing to release it as a freeware mod, as money has been spent on Revelations." Peter told Planetblood back in September. We have now learned that parts of Revelation will indeed be released as freeware. "We are now releasing parts of Revelations as freeware which will be available from our Blood 2 Revelations website." Peter confirmed. Although Peter could not specify a date as to when Revelations would be released, because they are still working on some modifications to Revelations, he did tell us that there will be up to 14 single player levels and has released a few new screenshots (above) from the later levels.