Give head on the beach met Beach Head 2002. Ontwerper Digital Fusion heeft de volledige versie van de FPS Beach Head 2002 online gezet. Het complete spel, dat wordt uitgegeven door Infogrames, weegt bijna 30 MB en heeft 3 speelbare levels. Wil je meer dan 3 levels spelen dan zal er betaald moeten worden.BEACH HEAD 2002 Features include:

o Massive airborne attacks.

o Day and Night Fighting with search lights and flares

o Realistic physics and motions

o Special forces night attacks

o Smart troops and realistic soldier action (with sophisticated soldier animations)

o Air support (B58 bombers at your command)

o Blue-print precise realistic defender weapons

(M60 general purpose MG, twin barrel 30 cal AA gun, 75mm AT cannon, .45 handgun, and Gattling gun).

o Blue-print precise realistic enemy weapons

(MB78 main battle tank, APC Fuchs with gun turrets and missile launchers, Cobra attack helicopters, CH53 Shercoskys, F101 jet fighters and C-130 Hercules transport aircraft).

o Realistic battle sounds and special effects (Dimensional sound effects for distance and battlefield depth.

o 3D hardware cards compatible Dit fantastische spel kan je downloaden. Meer informatie vind je op deze pagina.