We hebben het nieuws de laatste tijd hier kunnen lezen. Er zou een Force Feedback muis uitkomen. Zelf lijkt dit me erg kewl! Extreme Hardware heeft hem mogen testen, hieronder een stukje van zijn verhaal.The Logitech Force Feedback Mouse itself is a very unusual device. The mouse portion is unlike any you've every seen and is permanently attached to the base unit. You are free to move the mouse, but only within the strict confines of the base. Movement is limited to a square path, with its boundaries clearly defined through either physical limitations or software settings. While the base component slightly resembles a mousepad, it's actually a very sizeable plastic unit that also houses the force feedback motor. In the eye candy department, there is a blue light on both the base and mouse portions of the Force Feedback Mouse. The base unit lights up when the mouse is active and receiving power, while the mouse portion activates when you are in an environment that supports force feedback effects. While it may sound a tad strange, I actually liked this fluorescent effect and other people's opinions on the lighting have also been positive.

Becoming acclimated to a mouse capable of force feedback effects can take some getting used to. Exactly how strange is it? Well, the first time I installed the Force Feedback Mouse, I went into the Control Panel and attempted to test out the canned effects. When the mouse moved under my hand, I immediately whipped my hand away and had what you might call a primal reaction to the mouse. It honestly felt like something alive and it was so damn unnatural to have the mouse behave like that. I tested other people's reactions to it and they ranged from a quick extraction of hand from mouse, to a full-fledged squeal of surprise mixed with fright. The Logitech Force Feedback Mouse is definitely a conversation piece, and to the uninitiated, can be an innovative replacement for the old "snake in the can o' nuts" trick.Okee.. het ziet er niet zo mooi uit met dat wit er omheen, maar ik moest hem toch ff laten zien