Bij Daily Radar hebben ze volgens mij de eerste Force Commander review. Dit spel dat al een hele tijd is uitgestelt komt nu eindelijk binnenkort uit. Hier kan je de review vinden. As much as we wanted to like Force Commander, we just couldn't. LucasArts has had a hit-and-miss time with the Star Wars license, and we hoped that they were long overdue for a hit with this game. However, there were too many aspects that proved to be so overwhelmingly trying that the game itself was simply not fun. The interface is needlessly complex and clutters the screen, the camera movements are almost impossible to use and the main gameplay element -- requisitioning units and earning prestige -- is a complete failure. Graphically, the game is way behind the curve as well, with chunky, clunky units and less-than-impressive effects. In short, the Force may surround us and bind the galaxy together, but it's not helping Force Commander.