Daily Radar vroeg Garry Gaber van LucasArts naar de vorderingen van Force Commander, een op het Star Wars universum gebaseerd realtime strategy spel dat zich volledig in 3D af zal spelen. Hier een hap uit het interview:DR: How many units will feature in the game? GG: Something like 50 units in total between the two sides. They'll consist of a combination of things you've already seen like Snow Speeders, Speeder Bikes and all that stuff but also have some new units as well. Particularly on the rebel side, there was a lot of stuff that just wasn't filled in on the ground -- it was mostly troops. We've given them armor capability; we've given them tanks, a mobile proton torpedo launcher and so on. On the imperial side, there's a new unit called the ATAA (All-Terrain Anti-Aircraft weapon). It's kind of what you needed on Hoth to knock down the snow speeders. New unit types arrive throughout the game effectively as rewards -- every time you complete a mission you get more and more units.