Al mag Fly dan niet zo'n succes zijn..blijkbaar heeft men het bij The Gathering nog niet opgegeven. The Gathering to Announce FLY! 2 in New Orleans Halloween is upon us, and for the moment, horror is the niche du jour in games and movies. Strangely, the only PC entertainment title to tap into this vein is Nocturne, a post-modern brew of pulp horror legends that pushes the boundaries of what computer graphics can do. Created at Lewisburg, TX, by developer Terminal Reality and published by the Gathering of Developers, the game is an action-adventure title that is selling out across the U.S. mere days after being released. Hellbent on capturing an audience with the press, the Gathering has a creepy evening in New Orleans ready to unspool that will include game demonstrations, developer interviews, mountains of Cajun food and a slew of Gathering announcements.