Gamezilla heeft een review van Flight Unlimeted III online gekickt... Het spel ziet er gelikt uit. Kijk maar naar de pics , het zal wel een leuke concurent worden voor Flight Simulator 2000Welcome to Seattle, Washington, my hometown and, as it just so happens, the setting for Looking Glass Technologies' Flight Unlimited III. All of the environs of Seattle and vicinity await you as you pilot any one of more than a dozen available planes in this latest installation of one of the most ground-breaking titles in aviation sims. The details will amaze you: buzz over recently-opened Safeco field and you'll see details down to an accurately modeled scoreboard in left field; take a turn over Microsoft and you'll see Bill's fountains and ever-growing empire -- in fact you can even do a fly-by of his new digs over on Lake Washington for a much closer look than you're likely to get in real life. All in all, some of the details of Flight Unlimited III are all but guaranteed to wow anyone who has ever wanted to fly a plane.