Een van de meest dodelijkste games van dit najaar is bij GameSpot UK onder de loep genomen en worden alle pro's en contra's eens op een rijtje gezet. Dat Hitman een enorm mooie game is geworden is wel duidelijk, maar hoe is de gameplay uitgewerkt?Since ancient times the black art of the assassin has always held a strange fascination. From the Japanese Ninja, to the modern-day Mafioso button man, we've always been appalled and intrigued in equal measure by people who can kill for cash and then write it off as "nothing personal". However, this murky, morally dubious world is one you'll soon be able to enter with a completely clean conscience in Hitman: Codename 47, Eidos' brand-new third-person contract killer, developed by Danish-based house IO Interactive.

With such deadly subject matter, you might expect Codename 47 to portray all-out Leon and Nikita-style slow-motion carnage. Nothing could be further from the truth. Instead, Hitman emphasises the need for stealth, forward planning and sheer raw cunning. The successful assassin is one who manages to make the hit and then get away undetected. Blasting everyone and everything in sight is rarely going to be the best option and this is a game where your brain will probably become your deadliest weapon of all.De eerste versie die wij hebben gezien zag er grafisch al enorm goed uit, draaide ook lekker, maar was af en toe erg moeilijk te besturen. Maar we zullen zien als het review-exemplaar in handen hebben.