Firingsquad heeft wat tijd op de E3 doorgebracht en er een verslag van geschreven. Er is dus veel nieuwe info, screens ed. te vinden over deze spellen:

[bullet] Dungeon Siege

[bullet] Crimson Skies

[bullet] Mechwarrior 4

[bullet] Freelancer

[bullet] Tribes 2

[bullet] AOK: The Conquerors Crimson Skies

Though it hasn't received the same kind of hype given to some of the other games in the Microsoft lineup, Crimson Skies is arguably the best game being developed under the MS umbrella right now. Set in an alternate historical 1930s, Crimson Skies puts you in the shoes of a hotshot mercenary pilot named Nathan Zachary. With the United States split into several warring "independent" nations, there are a lot of missions to fly for a lot of different employers!

Crimson Skies is an action based combat flight sim. You don't get the most realistic avionics or physics in this game. Heck, the planes aren't even realistic at all, for that matter. They're fanciful looking machines, with huge guns, missile loadouts and gigantic engines placed all over the place. What you do get in Crimson Skies is simple, taut, adrenaline pumping action, with some of the most entertaining and creative mission objectives we've ever seen. Klik hier om het hele verslag te lezen.