Er is weer een nieuwe RC van Firearms, een populaire mod voor Half-Life. De release was wat eerder geplanned, maar door de enorme belangstelling voor CS 1.0 hadden ze geen kans op de mod eerder te uploaden op een ftp.Firearms RC-2.4 is here! As some of you may know, Firearms has been included in the Half-Life Platinum Pack edition. This can be picked up at your local software store today in most parts of the US. Im not sure if it is available abroad yet but you can download it here if it is not yet available in your area.

New Flag model.

New red player model.

Updated weapons models.

Renamed all weapons for trademark reasons.

Numerous map tweaks.

Put a limit on say text interval. Spam reduction.

Fixed Chat not logging.

Fixed HCM-SMG message.

No longer able to join a game when no reinforcement left. Only in spectator mode.

Fixed Useskill menu hot keys.

Increased bandage amounts for medics.

Tweaked BF-SMG accuracy.

Fixed casualties.

Increased monkey jumping penalty.

Carbine tweak.

40mm-GL Tweak.

No more Adrenaline penalty for treating.

AR-GL tweak.

Leadership say_team radio sound.

De downloadlinks:

Release Candidate 2.3 > 2.4 Patch

29 megabytes

[Windows] [Linux] Stomped [Windows] [Linux] mjr's [Windows] [Linux] mjr's #2 [Windows] [Linux] File Leech Release Candidate 2.4 Full

51 megabytes

[Windows] [Linux] Stomped [Windows] [Linux] mjr's [Windows] [Linux] mjr's #2 [Windows] [Linux] File Leech