GA-Source heeft wat meer te melden over Firearms, een MOD voor Half-Life met een paar unieke opties erin. Omdat het team niet tevreden was over de code van Valve, hebben ze er zelf opties zoals parajumps, 27 nieuwe guns en classes bij gemaakt.Firearms is a modification for Valve Software's Half-Life that adds 27 new realistic weapons, a new code as well as enhanced graphics and animations. "As you may suspect, Firearms is a realistic modification of Half-Life, but it's unlike anything seen before," Milan says proudly. "In Firearms you fight as armed forces. In your efforts to become victorious, there will be around twenty-seven new weapons, all selectable. You fight in teams and if you do not focus, your reinforcements will be gone in no time." The FA Team wasn't satisfied with just putting a new face on Valve's existing engine, but have implemented some of their own code. "We have done so much work on the code," Milan reveals, noting that they have also added new gameplay features and play modes. "It's packed with so many new features (parachuting, class system, guns, etc...) and awesome gameplay that makes it highly addictive and very intense. All the hard work done on it, really paid off."

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