Er is een patch uitgekomen voor Final Fantasy VIII die deze game naar versie 2.1 tilt. Hier wat gefixed is:[bullet]There was a crash on Disc 2, after the player defeats "Balamb Garden Master NORG", if they then go to the library and talk to the girl with pigtails, the game would crash to desktop. --Addressed and Fixed.

[bullet]There were complaints about an error message popping up after the players installed FF8. On the patch there is a new EAX file.

[bullet]There was a menu bug in which Square QA found while testing the patch. When the player receives the "Pet Pals Vol. 1," on the train to Timber, at this point the player has not yet met Rinoa nor her dog Angelo. In the magazine there is a reference to "Angelo Strike." The bug was due to the fact that the player had not met Rinoa yet and so instead of the magazine reading "Angelo Strike" it read "No MEM CA." --Addressed and fixed.

[bullet]There was a crash issue when the player had Direct X 7.0 installed and tried to play the game with the Yamaha Software Synth. Whenever the player would finish a battle the game would crash to desktop. --Addressed and Fixed.*Note* The file needed to correct this issue is available in a separate download.

[bullet]There were multiple complaints about the Nvidia GeForce having texel problems. --Addressed and Fixed. *NOTE* GeForce users should make sure the downloaded the correct patch.

[bullet]The player's cards for the card game, in some instances, would disappear. --Addressed and Fixed on patch v1.2

[bullet]In some cases after a battle, where all the player's party members are killed, the game will crash at the 'Game Over' screen. --Addressed and Fixed on latest patch v1.2Er zijn twee versies verschenen, één voor de GeForce gebruikers en één voor de niet-GeForce gebruikers. Let er op dat je de goeie kiest! Voor mirrors klik hier.